Complete overhaul

Includes a strip-down of the entire movement, inspection of all components, parts changed or repaired as required, cleaning of the movement, re-assembly, lubrication, timing calibration and 3 days of testing. It also includes cleaning of the case and bracelet as well as water resistance testing.

Vintage Restoration

Ashton prides himself on restoring rare and important vintage watches that other watchmakers don’t deal with. Our restoration service is very comprehensive and is carried out with the strictest adherence to our customer’s wishes.

​His years of experience have helped him hone his restoration skills to include the following work.

  • Re-bushing
  • Turning balance staffs
  • Manufacturing obsolete parts
  • Black polishing screws and components
  • Bluing screws and other components
  • Age-appropriate luminous painting of dial & hands
  • Balance spring timing and pinning
  • Re-pivoting wheels

​The restoration process comes with a complete photographic and written report of all work carried out and comes with a 2-year guarantee on all work performed.

Please see the restoration projects page to view our previous work. Alternatively, head over to our blog to see the latest work that has come through the workshop.