Vintage Watch Servicing

Vintage watch servicing is a broad term and is often confusing There are so many levels of watch servicing it’s hard to understand why there is such a large range across the cost spectrum. We only service and restore watches one way – the correct way. We don’t cut corners or try to upsell once the watch is in our possession. We are upfront from the beginning with regards to costs and stand behind the quality of our work 100% We offer a 2-year guarantee on all repairs and restorations. 

Clock Repair / Restoration

Vintage clock restoration is a detailed job that requires specific tools and broad horological knowledge. Rarely do clocks need just ‘cleaning & oiling’ as they have generally been neglected for decades. Many components wear and need addressing but clock parts mostly aren’t available. We offer re-bushing services, re-pivoting of wheels, cutting of gears, clock case restoration, and more. All components needed can be manufactured to keep your clock ticking for decades to come. 2-yea guarantee on all clock repairs. For long case clocks, we offer a pickup/drop-off service to ensure your delicate clock movement is removed and installed correctly. 

Micro Engineering

When dealing with rare, vintage watch parts are increasingly unavailable. In such situations, parts can be manufactured using traditional techniques to keep the timepiece running for future generations. We can make items such as balance staffs, screws, bushings, pivots, and more. We also refinish existing movement components such as bridges, levers, and screws that may have been mistreated throughout the decades.