Seiko Services

As a watch lover and watchmaker, I take pride in my Seiko specialist services that I offer. Below are some of the services I offer for vintage Seiko, King Seiko & Grand Seiko.

Quartz Service – complete overhaul of vintage quartz models. 

Mechanical Service – complete overhaul of vintage mechanical models.

Barrel Jewel Upgrade – The barrel bearings are a common wear point on the 61xx series movements. We offer a jewel upgrade for both the mainplate and barrel bridge. 

Train Jewel Upgrade – Many vintage Seiko’s have brass bushings, not jewels, as the bearings in the gear train. We offer a jewel upgrade for those models. 

6105 Crown Rebuild – The 6105 crown has been obsolete for many years. We offer a rebuild service making your crown waterproof once again. 

Case Service – changing of gaskets to ensure waterproofing as well as crown rebuilds. New crystals are also available. 

Re-Lume – re-luminous of dial and hands. Modern & vintage options available. 

I also offer many other Seiko services so please ask.