I am a WOSTEP certified, Rolex trained watchmaker who focuses on the restoration of fine timepieces. I offer my services to customers around the world and specialize in the repair and restoration of most vintage watches but specialize in vintage Rolex, Tudor & Omega.

Please get in touch to discuss getting your watch to me safely for restoration.

I aim to share the progress of most watches on my blog and also write articles to help collectors, watchmaking students, and enthusiasts have a deeper insight into the fascinating world of horology.

Please also follow along on Instagram to see the latest happenings in the workshop.

Fine Watch Restoration

The focus of my workshop is the restoration of fine watches. I restore most makes of wrist and pocket watches but focus on Rolex, Tudor & Omega due to my training and experience. I accept watches from all over the world so please get in touch no matter your location.

In addition to the standard overhaul procedures, my restoration work includes services such as:

  • Re-bushing plates and bridges
  • Re-pivoting and cutting wheels
  • Manufacture of obsolete parts
  • Black polishing and blueing of screws
  • Case parts manufacturing
  • Balance spring timing and pinning
  • Age-appropriate luminous application

All restoration work comes with a complete photographic and written report of the work performed.


My name is Ashton Tracy and I am a WOSTEP trained watchmaker with over a decade of experience. I have previously worked independently servicing many Swiss brands & for the Rolex service center where I trained on most calibers.

I now operate my own watchmaking workshop in Canada where I focus on the restoration of vintage watches with a special focus on Rolex, Tudor, and Omega. I also speicalize in the restoration of high-grade pocket watches as well as vintage military watches and classic manual wind chronographs.

In addition to my watch restoration I am a contributing author to various online and print publications which focus on horology. I am also a Horological Society of New York watchmaking instructor to the public.



If you wish to get in touch to discuss your watch restoration needs please contact me at info@ashtontracy.ca and I will get back to you as soon as I can.