Restoration: Omega Speedmaster 2998-1

A collector of vintage Omega Speedmaster’s sent me a very rare Omega Speedmaster 2998-1. This is a pre-moon Speedmaster that is very sought after amongst the collecting community. This particular watch had been abused by shoddy watchmaking practices in the past. We can see from the pictures that the screws were chewed up due to sloppy workmanship and inferior tooling.

To get the watch back to the condition that a watch of this importance deserves, the screws were ground back and then ‘black polished’. Black polishing entails polishing the screws flat to a mirror finish that appears black when the light hits it at certain angles.

This particular watch also needed new bushings installed in the center wheel and the barrel. This is a job that is seldom completed by many watchmakers as it is difficult and time-consuming. Below you can see the before and after steps of the restoration.

Due to the importance of this watch, extreme care was taken to keep everything strictly original, and only perform the necessary repairs for functionality.