Re-Bushing A Barrel – Omega Speedmaster 321

Re-bushing a barrel is such a crucial aspect of watch servicing, but it is seldom done. Anytime a watch doesn’t have a jeweled barrel or center wheel, there will be wear.

A barrel and center wheel have steel arbors or pivots. When they use a jeweled bearing the jewel is the harder of the two materials. When they just sit in the brass mainplate and bridge the steel is the harder of the materials.

Due to this fact, the plates wear before the pivots and arbors.

When this happens the plates must be drilled out and new brass bushings need to be installed.

The arrows below point to the plates that have worn holes. That is where we will drill and install the bushings.

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Reading & Understanding Watch Timing Machine Results

I see a lot of people on watch forums these days have purchased a watch timing machine to be able to see how their mechanical watches are running. I have noticed that most of them don’t know how to accurately read those results to get a clear idea of what is going on. I have made this video to hopefully clear up some of that confusion and help you to understand exactly what the numbers mean.


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