Overhaul Procedure – Rolex Explorer II (3185)

This Rolex Explorer II wasn’t recently brought in. In addition to a standard overhaul, the customer wanted to update the look and change the dial and hands from black to white.

Here is the watch as it was brought in. Black dial with silver-colored hands.

I opened the watch to perform my initial checks and make sure no other parts were needed.

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Rusty Restoration – Rolex Datejust (3135)

As soon as I opened up this Rolex Datejust I could smell pool water. It looks like it had taken a dip. The main goal was to save as many parts as possible, and I am pleased to report that only the automatic axle and mainspring were changed, everything else was saved.

As I took of the automatic block, it quickly became apparent that this was going to be a labor-intensive job.

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