Black Polishing Screws – Omega Speedmaster (321)

There is nothing more unsightly than watch movement screws that have been hacked to oblivion my sloppy workmanship. It is, sadly, something that is seen far too often in watch movements that I come across. We can take the below Omega Speedmaster as a perfect example. This reference happened to be 2998-1, a very rare and expensive Speedmaster reference. You can see below how bad the screws were. Fortunately, all was not lost and the original screws could be polished.

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Remove/Replace Worn Minute Wheel Post – Omega Speedmaster (321)

This Omega Speedmaster recently came across my workbench.


It was in quite a bad way and needed bushings installed for the upper and lower barrel and the upper and lower center wheel. It also had excessive wear on the minute wheel post and the intermediate minute wheel post. Unfortunately, jobs like this are usually neglected by watchmakers and cause poor performance of serviced watches.

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Rusty Restoration – Rolex Datejust (3135)

As soon as I opened up this Rolex Datejust I could smell pool water. It looks like it had taken a dip. The main goal was to save as many parts as possible, and I am pleased to report that only the automatic axle and mainspring were changed, everything else was saved.

As I took of the automatic block, it quickly became apparent that this was going to be a labor-intensive job.

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