Our Workshop

Below are a few pictures of my workshop and the equipment I have in it. I combine modern equipment with traditional tooling to make sure your watches are restored in the correct manner. I am constantly updating machinery to better serve my customers needs.

General workshop overview. The large window allows maximum natural light for working.
My watchmaking bench with armrests.
Workbench with tooling and equipment.
More equipment benches.
Lathe bench with general polishing motor and vacuum system.
My WOSTEP diploma.
Witschi Swiss timing machine to check the rate and amplitude of mechanical watch movements.
4 jar Elma cleaning machine. It has one cleaning jar, three rinse jars, and a heating chamber.
Bergeon final test watch winder to check the automatic winding of mechanical movements.
Horia case opening tool.
Ultrasonic tank and drying unit.
Horia hand-setting tool with appropriate movement holders containing jewel supports.
8mm watchmaker’s lathe complete with drilling tailstock, variable-speed motor and compound slide.
Watchmaker’s lathe accessories
Horia jeweling tool for adjusting end-shakes in watch movements.
Favorite jeweling tool for adjusting end-shakes and reaming out worn holes in plates.
Bolt Tool for black polishing steel components.
Screw polishing lathe.
Balance poising tool for checking the weight of a balance after changing the balance staff.
Pivot polishing lathe (Jacot tool) for refinishing worn pivots of train wheels in vintage watches.