Watch Movement Service

Complete Movement Service

Mechanical watch servicing is the backbone of our workshop. Many watch workshops cut corners by not dismantling movements completely or leaving damaged parts inside. We adhere to a strict 10 step movement overhaul process, similar to the ones followed by the big brands. The service procedure is outlined below.


When the watch is received it is inspected to see what work is required. A quote is prepared and sent to the customer for approval.

Disassembly – Case & Bracelet

The case and bracelet are disassembled and the movement is set aside. The case and bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned.

Disassembly – Movement

The movement is then completely dismantled. Each component is checked for wear and then will either be repaired or replaced as necessary. Most checks and adjustments are made at this stage.


Once the movement is apart it is put into cleaning baskets and cleaned in a 4four stage watch cleaning machine. It goes through one cleaning cycle, three rinse cycles, and one heating cycle.

Assembly & Lubrication

The movement is assembled and lubricated where necessary. Generally, a watch movement uses 6 different lubricants all with different viscosities. Any new parts are installed at this stage.


With the movement assembled the watch movement is checked to make sure the timing and amplitude are in the correct range. Adjustments are made at this point.

Dial & Hand Installation

Once the movement is assembled and checked for timing, the hands and dial are installed.

Function Tests

With the dial and hands installed the watch is cased and the functions can be checked. We check the timing over 24 hours, the power reserve and automatic winding functions.

Final Adjustments

At this stage, any final timing adjustments are made after the watch has run fr 24 hours.

Waterproof Test & Two Year Service Guarantee

The watch is then tested to ensure it is waterproof. Once complete the watch is then tested for a further 72 hours to ensure accuracy. The watch will then be accompanied by a 2-year service guarantee.