Complete Overhaul Procedure

I’m often asked – ‘What is involved in a complete watch overhaul?’ That question is below in our 10 step process.

1) The watch is received and inspected as to the scope of work. The details are relayed to the customer and they are given an estimate of the cost. Once approval has been received, the work can begin.

2) The case is completely stripped down and ultrasonically cleaned, with all gaskets being replaced. Plexi-glass crystals are polished, or changed, depending on the instructions from the customer. Original pushers and crowns are cleaned or replaced, again, depending on the customer.

3) Next, the dial bad hands are removed and the movement is dismantled.

4) Whilst the movement is being stripped down all components are inspected for wear. Parts that need to be replaced are done so with original parts. All movement adjustments are also made at this point.

5) The watch movement, completely dismantled, is then put through 1 cleaning cycle, 3 rinse cycles, and one drying cycle.

6) The watch is then assembled, lubricating each component as we go, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

7) Once the movement is together, we perform timing checks and any adjustments. The dial and hands are then installed.

8) Once cased, the watch is checked for water resistance using an electronic, dry tester. We also perform more timing tests once cased.

9) The watch is then inspected for quality control.

10) Once complete the invoice is sent to the customer and the watch is shipped back, complete with a 2-year guarantee.