Tudor Submariner ‘Snowflake’ – 9411/0

Once of my favourite watches of all time. The Tudor Submariner ‘Snowflake’. It’s so similar to the Rolex Submariner reference 1680, but those hands truly make it shine. This one was in bad shape when it made its way onto my bench and had not been serviced in many decades.

The watch as received.

The movement side in the case.

The automatic block removed revealed the filthy movement.

I took it out of the case and got ready to remove the hands. Well, one had already done that on its own.

Here is a shot of the damaged dial. I love these dials that have started to bubble, they are just so cool. It’s patina to the max!

The dial side.

I remove all of the dial side components.

I then start to dis-assemble the train wheel side.

The bridges are removed.

Now the mainplate is empty and all is removed, the watch is ready for cleaning.

The balance is installed after cleaning and all balance spring adjustments are made.

The barrel and wheel train are installed.

Then the bridges.

Then the dial side.

I can then case the watch up. You can see here the arrow is pointing to a jewel in the automatic block. The brass bushing was so worn the hole had become oval. I couldn’t access the correct sized bushing so I decided to install a jewel instead.

The oscillating weight was then installed and all functions were checked.

I polished the crystal so it now showcases the beautiful dial and hand set. Oh, and how about that ghost bezel!

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