Rolex GMT II – 16710

I love the Rolex GMT. It is such a classic watch in any of its iterations. My favourite is the ‘Pepsi’ but they are all great. This one is no exception, however, the previous overhaul left a lot to be desired.

When it arrived, the dial had a lot of fingerprints and dirt that needed cleaning.

The oscillating weight axle was worn and needed replacing. The result of this is the brass ring that you see here.

Here is the dial side that needs dismantling.

The movement with the automatic block removed.

Here the bridges are removed.

At this stage I remove the old axle and install a new one by riveting it in place.

Here we can see more of the bad servicing done by the previous watchmaker. We can see that the pallet fork pivots have been oiled. Basic watchmaking 101 – don’t oil the pallet pivots.

Once the watch went through the cleaning machine and all adjustments were made it was time to get to work assembling.

All the train wheels and bridges are then put in place.

I then put the automatic block in place and check all the functions. At this point I put the dial and hands on, put in the case and make all the necessary tests.

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