Rolex Datejust – 16030

This Rolex Datejust came in for overhaul recently and the movement was in pretty rough shape. The crystal was cracked around the edges and the movement had seen better days.

You can see the crystal is in quite bad shape and polishing wasn’t going to cut it.

With the automatic weight removed the damage caused my a loose auto axle and auto axle jewel bearing was evident by the brass ring on the automatic block.

The dial side ready for disassembly.

I am slowly dismantling the movement.

More of the dismantled movement.

The barrel and gear train are exposed at this point.

With everything removed the watch was ready for cleaning.

After cleaning I install the barrel and gear train, complete with new mainspring installed in the barrel.

All the appropriate bridges were installed.

Then the balance.

I then fit the automatic block and check the functions. A new jewel bearing was installed and I re-riveted the old axle. I had to make a lot of adjustments to the end-shake to make sure everything functioned properly.

The new part installed.

I can now assemble the dial side. There was a issue with the date change at this point. The date change wheel had come apart and was not advancing it properly. I took the wheel apart and fixed it.

The watch was then complete. It was ready for testing and comes complete with 24-month guarantee.

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