Rolex Oyster Precision – 6426

Up today is a beautiful hand-wound, vintage Rolex Oyster Precision. It arrived in generally good condition but was in need of a new mainspring as it had snapped.

The watch as it arrived. 

The movement.

The movement removed from the case. 

The movement with dial removed. 

The movement side of the watch. 

The barrel and gear train exposed during dismantling. . 

The movement is now stipped and ready for cleaning. 

The dirty mainspring inside the barrel.

The movement was cleaned and now ready to assemble. 

After the movement is cleaned, the new mainspring is installed. 

The gear train in place during assembly and oiling. 

Bridges are put in place. 

The watch is then cased up and ready for testing. 

The watch has the dial and hands installed and it is cased up ready for testing. 

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