Rolex Oyster Perpetual – 6084

This Rolex Oyster 6084 was shipped to me from inter-province. It had not been looked at in several decades and was clearly in need of some good old fashioned TLC. The movement was so filthy and I had not seen a watch this dirty in a long time. You can see from the before and after pictures that it looks like a completely different movement.

The watch as it arrived. 

The dirty movement.

The dial and hands removed to expose the dial side of the movement. 

With the automatic block removed the movement in its dirty state is revealed. 

The movement during dismantling. 

You can see here how dirty the movement is. The barrel lid had come off on its own and the mainspring as absolutely filthy. 

The broken mainspring inside the barrel You can see there is so much dirt that the barrel arbor was stuck to the barrel bridge. . 

Once the movement was cleaned, mostly by hand and then through the automatic cleaning machine, the assembly could begin. The new mainspring installed inside a clean and lubricated barrel. 

The gear train and barrel installed. 

The bridges have now been put in place. 

The ratchet wheel, crown wheel nad new spring are all in place. 

The automatic block is then installed. 

Then the rest of the automatic gearing is ut in place. Once that is done, the watch has the dial and hands installed and it is cased up ready for testing. 

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