Omega Speedmaster – Japan Only Edition

This Omega Speedmaster with an Omega 1152 movement recently came in for an overhaul. The Omega 1152 is basically a Valjoux 7750 with a few Omega upgrades. It seemed that it hadn’t been serviced in a while, but it was also covered in fingerprints from the previous watchmaker.

The movement was filthy and covered in fingerprints and so was the case base. This is very poor form and can corrode the movement in a bad way. The great wheel jewel was broken and had created a sharp edge. That sharp edge ended up cutting the pivot. The great wheel and the great wheel jewel needed replacing.

The below photographs show the before pictures and then the pictures after with the movement cleaned and assembled correctly.

The watch was then ready to ship back to the customer, complete with a 24-month guarantee.

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