Heuer Autavia GMT

The popularity of vintage chronographs is ever increasing and not looking to take a dive any time soon. One of my favorites has to be the vintage Heuer Autavia GMT. This particular watch has it all. The Pepsi bezel, creamy lume, and a small GMT hand.

The condition of the dial on this piece was absolutely stunning. These watches, however, can’t be picked up fora bargain anymore and commanding premium prices. They aren’t quite Rolex Daytona level, but they are creeping their way up.

This watch was bought to me by a collector who had recently acquired it. It had been sold as serviced but wasn’t running correctly. The minute counter had for the chronograph was not resetting and the watch was generally in poor condition.

I stripped the watch down and performed a full overhaul. Once it was serviced I made all the necessary chronograph adjustments. A vertical clutch chronograph has a series of eccentric screws that need to be set to adjust the depth and meshing of certain wheels to have everything running correctly. Most people that call themselves watchmakers can muddle through a simple automatic, but when it comes to chronographs, true knowledge of how they work is required to adjust everything correctly.

Once serviced and adjusted the watch was ready for testing. Once tested it was ready to go out the door, complete with a 24-month guarantee.

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