Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’

A few years back you could pick up an Omega Speedmaster for a relatively cheap price and get a very solid watch for the money. These days the ‘Speedy’ as it is affectionately known is hot property and they are flying out the door of Omega boutiques around the world. This particular customer came in after purchasing this one on the second-hand market, and it had been supposedly ‘serviced’ recently.

As soon as I took the dial off it could be seen that the hour washer was missing from the hour wheel. This washer stops the hour hand from moving up and down. Without it, the hands can become out of sync and the hour hand can move around the dial and not line up correctly with the minute hand.

I also noticed a hair wrapped around the pallet fork, something that will definitely stop the watch.

I removed the mainspring from the barrel and was really shocked by what I saw there. It was a coiled mainspring, not the correct ‘reverse S’ shape we should see. Clearly this was a cheap spring that would produce less than acceptable amplitude and power reserve results. You can also see the general dirt, fingerprints and excess oil on the mainplate.

With a new mainspring ordered and a dial washer sourced the watch was ready to go through the cleaning machine, be reassembled, lubricated, timing calibration, water-resistance checks, and final quality control. The watch was ready to be returned to the customer complete with 24-month guarantee

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