Zenith El Primero

I recently overhauled this beautiful Zenith El Primero from a customer in Montreal. I am a huge fan of the El Primero movement, as it has been in continuous production since 1969. A true testament to the quality and longevity of this movement. This particular El Primero needed a scheduled overhaul, plus a few new movement parts.

You can see from the below pictures that this watch has a beautiful dial that has such depth and character. Truly so well made.

After I uncased the watch and removed the dial and hands I could see that the calendar jumper spring had broken, causing the date to no longer advance. A new one was ordered, along with a new mainspring. The watch was then completely stripped down, re-built and lubricated as necessary. Timekeeping as adjusted, and all water resistance, function, and timing checks performed.

With all that complete it was ready to go out the door equipped with a 24-month guarantee.

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