Tudor Prince Date + Day

This Tudor Prince Date + Day came to me from California. It was a family heirloom that had huge sentimental value. The watch seemed to be in fairly good condition. It needed a new crystal and as I took the watch apart it became clear there were some movement issues.

The jumper for the day was broken, stopping the day from advancing forward. The great wheel train pivot was also cut and needed replacing. In this case, replacing it was the best option due to the amount of damage it has sustained and the cost of a new part. Sometimes, we can polish the pivots but this wheel was relatively inexpensive compared to some other vintage wheels, as well as the extensive damage.

You can see from dismantling that the train wheels were very dirty and were causing the watch to behave in an erratic manner with a low power reserve and bad time-keeping.

Once completely stripped down, all parts checked for wear and subsequently changed, I was able to clean the watch through my four-stage cleaning machine, assemble and re-lubricate and adjust the time-keeping. The case was also re-finished, timing results observed for 72 hours, tested for water resistance and then sent back to the customer with our extensive 24-month guarantee.

You can view the repair in the photographs below.

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