Restoration – Waltham 18 Size, Model 1883

I don’t often repair pocket watches, but occasionally one makes its way through the doors. This Waltham was in a pretty beat up condition with a broken minute hand, a very dirty dial, and a filthy movement. The other hands had also fallen off and were floating around the dial.

You can see with the crystal removed the broken hand and dirty dial.

Once the movement has been removed from the case the condition can be seen. This watch movement is filthy! Note the barrel.

You can see on the barrel here the general condition.

With the movement completely disassembled the watch is now ready for cleaning.

Once cleaned, the movement is assembled, adjusted and regulated.

A new minute hand was ordered and the other hands were cleaned. The dial was also cleaned to remove the dirt.

A new crystal was ordered, the watch was cased and ready for testing.

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