Vintage Watch Repair, Restoration & Sales

As a WOSTEP certified Rolex trained watchmaker I specialize in the repair and restoration of vintage Rolex, Tudor, Omega, and Breitling watches due to specific training and years of honing my skills on these specific brands. Other brands are considered on an individual basis.

I also buy and sell a range of vintage watches. Please get in touch if you are looking to sell your luxury watch or looking to buy something specific as I have access to a network of collectors and can help you track it down. View our current watches for sale.

Why Choose Ashton?

Whether you are choosing to restore your beloved vintage timepiece or purchase a new watch for your collection, the choice of who to deal with is a difficult one. Because watchmaking is an unregulated industry, anyone can set themselves up as a vintage watch expert.

When you choose to service your watch with us you can rest assured you are getting the best experience possible. As a WOSTEP certified and Rolex trained watchmaker I have spent years honing my skills and understanding the nuances of restoring vintage timepieces

All our repair and restoration services come complete with a 2-year guarantee on the work performed and a restoration report is provided. These are around 30 pages long and highlight all the work completed along with timing results, etc.

All watches purchased through us are honest examples will all details disclosed. All watches are serviced and come with a 2 year guarantee and a restoration report.

To put your mind at ease and understand the watches we have been entrusted to restore, please view some of our previous projects.

Customer Testimonials

What Ashton’s Customers Are Saying

“Nothing but pure expertise and top-notch service from Ashton. He serviced my 78 Speedy (Omega Speedmaster Professional) and exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend his work and look forward to dealing with him more in the future.”

Jason – British Columbia, CA

“Ashton was able to restore a vintage (Rolex) Datejust for me that was in pretty rough condition. The time he took to explain the restoration process, as well as his patience with all my (many) questions, were truly appreciated. The end product was phenomenal and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. A fraction of the cost that the official Service Centre quoted me while retaining all the original parts. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks, Ashton and I certainly expect to be back again.
PS – The knowledge he shares as he works, is worth the price of admission in itself!”

Anthony – Ontario, CA

“I left a few watches with Ashton and was very pleased with the work and quality of service. I recommend him for vintage pieces, he understands the importance of preserving its original condition.”

Tarik – Quebec, CA

Past Projects

Tudor Submariner ‘Snowflake’ – 9411/0

Once of my favourite watches of all time. The Tudor Submariner ‘Snowflake’. It’s so similar to the Rolex Submariner reference 1680, but those hands truly make it shine. This one was in bad shape when it made its way onto my bench and had not been serviced in many decades.

Rolex GMT II – 16710

I love the Rolex GMT. It is such a classic watch in any of its iterations. My favourite is the ‘Pepsi’ but they are all great. This one is no exception, however, the previous overhaul left a lot to be desired.


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