I had this classic diamond dial Rolex Day-Date come across the bench recently. No major issues, just routine maintenance.

As you can see, it wasn’t running to COSC spec.

The first thing I noticed was the dirt inside the case. If the foreign objects are there, they are certainly though the movement also.

As you can see, the movement is generally dirty and in need of an overhaul even though the watch was running.

The gear train bridge is removed and we can see the dried lubricants.

I expose the gear train and barrel.

The movement is now completely stripped down on this side. Time for the dial side.

It looks to be in good condition.

Next we can remove the old mainspring.

With everything now disassembled it is time to send the movement through the cleaning machine.

Once cleaned, I install the gear train and barrel which houses a new mainspring.

Train wheel bridge and barrel bridge are installed.

Winding work is put in place.

The pallet fork and balance are then put in place. We have life!

The calendar mechanism is then installed and lubricated.

First, the date disk.

Then the day disk.

And the watch is ready to go.

I can then make the final time-keeping adjustments once the watch is cased.

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