Rolex Submariner 5513 – Rolex 1520

This beautiful Rolex Submariner 5513 with a ‘spider dial’ recently came in for an overhaul. It was a beautiful example with thick lugs, and the movement was in good condition.

You can see in the below picture the aged dial and hands. The dial has the ‘spider’ affect. This was actually a Rolex defect when manufacturing the dials. This ‘fault’, however, has become somewhat of a collectors item.

Dial is removed.

The movement side.

Slowly assembling the movement. As you can see, it appears to be in good condition.

The train and barrel bridge removed.

You can see what happens when a movement is left too long between services, you can see the dirt around the center wheel bushing.

More dirt on the underside of the train wheel bridge.

As I removed the balance, it was evident the staff was broken and needed replacing. That was the reason the watch was not running. First, I remove the balance from the bridge.

I then remove the balance spring and roller from the balance itself.

I remove the old balance staff in the staking set and also fit the new one. This takes a series of different steps and stakes that I have not included.

I then install the roller and I can poise the balance. I must make sure that the balance is perfectly weighted all the way around so there are no discrepancies in time-keeping.

The balance is now ready to have the balance spring installed.

I then remove the automatic work. You can see the dirt and old oil.

I then peg out the jewels to prepare for the movement to be run through the cleaning machine.

Once the movement has run through the cleaning machine, the movement is ready to assemble.

The barrel is installed and so are the kif settings for the balance.

Gear train installed.

The train bridge and pallet fork are in place.

The balance is in and so is the center seconds pinion.

Dial side of the movement is complete and the dial and hands are ready to install.

Before I fit the center seconds hand, I need to place a small metal piece underneath the friction spring. The reason that I do this is when the center seconds hand is fitted without the strip underneath, the spring ‘cups’ and becomes distorted when the movement holder support is used.

And the service is complete.

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