Omega Speedmaster Mark II – Omega 861

I just love the Speedmaster Mark II with ‘racing dial’. It’s such a beautiful watch and, in my opinion, doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This particular example had seen better days, but that’s nothing we couldn’t rectify.

This Omega suffered from the same affliction that so may Omega’s of the time had. The ‘gooey’ gasket. The rubber ‘o-ring’ type gaskets seemed to melt in a lot of these older models and cause chaos. You can see the remnants of the gasket in the case and see where it has made its way onto the movement.

More evidence of the gasket issues.

You can see the generally neglected condition of the case below once I had removed and dis-assembled the chronograph pushers.

I then removed the old crystal. See how the gasket has completed melted? The new crystal, ready to install is on the right. This particular crystal is very unusual as it is fitted in place with a rubber o-ring and most crystal gaskets are nylon, or hytrel (as they are now known). The crystal has a grove that the o-ring sits in.

As you can see, the case was an absolute mess once the crystal was removed.

After much elbow grease, the dial side of the case was cleaned up.

Then the movement side and case pushers after much manual cleaning.

The movement was then cleaned, re-assembled and lubricated. The movement also required extensive cleaning by hand before running through the automated cleaning cycle. The ‘gooey’ gasket mess needed to be removed first.

With the new crystal installed, dial and hands on and movement freshly serviced, the Speedy Mark II restoration is complete.

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