Omega Seamaster Admirals Cup Chronograph – Frederic Piguet 1185

I recently had this Omega Seamaster in for a service. It had been serviced in the last 6 months by a so-called expert. Clearly, he wasn’t much of an expert.

As i took the watch apart it was evident the previous person who worked on the watch didn’t understand basic oiling and cleanliness.

More shots during disassembly.

Note the dirty oiling around the jewels of the automatic work

Hair present on the automatic work wheels. That will stop the watch at one point or another.

There is so much lubrication on the chronograph hammer below it will spread through the entire movement.

As I took the chronograph minute recording wheel out I was astonished out the amount of oil on the pivot. Especially considering this wheel should be run completely lubricant free.

More over oiling which will spread through the watch. If the oil is left like this it can make its way onto the dial and hands and destroy them beyond repair.

Contaminates mixed with oil.

The escape wheel pivots were left dry. A wheel that rotate so quickly that lubrication is essential. This watch would have come to a grinding halt shortly and most likely need to have the escape wheel changed.

This chronograph reset hammer is an oily mess.

More bad lubrication.

This is not what the inside of a barrel that was serviced a few months ago looks like. This is very typical of ‘cheap’ services. Watchmaker’s don’t bother to remove the mainspring, the main power source of the watch. They just slap some oil on.

The movement went through the cleaning machine completely dissembled and is now ready for assembly. Below is a correctly lubricated barrel and mainspring after cleaning.

Correctly lubricated hammer. See the lubrication? That’s the point, you can’t. It is only on the surfaces that contact, where it should be.

Cleaned and lubricate chronograph components.

Minute recording wheel cleaned and left dry, as it should be. Very basic chronograph repair knowledge.

More movement shots.

The movement is now assembled, correctly lubricated and running well. Something it will do for the next 5-7 years with no difficulties.

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  1. So I’m looking at purchasing this watch
    Do you have any recommendations or caveats on the watch. Any suggestions or opinions in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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