Rolex GMT Master II – Rolex 3085

I recently had a GMT II come across my bench with a 3085 movement in it. The stem and crown were pulling out of the watch completely and I just wanted to share the issues that I found.

The watch came in an appeared to be in good shape other than the stem pulling out. It was time for a general overhaul but not a neglected watch by any means.

Upon closer inspection, the issue seemed to be with the setting lever. The post on the setting lever that is pressed on the movement side to release the stem had shifted as you can see below. The post is only friction fitted in.

This is actually quite a common problem. Because it had shifted, the post that engages with the slot in the stem was not engaging and causing it to pull right out.

Changing it for a new setting lever isn’t necessarily the best solution, as even new ones can have this happen to them.

I use the staking tool to press the post back into position. Sometimes, the hole actually needs to be made smaller, but in this case, pressing the post back in place was sufficient.

It actually took quite a large amount of force and once in place it wasn’t going anywhere.

I made sure to check and re-check that the post was safe by performing a series of tests. The last thing we want is for this to happen again.

With the setting lever repaired the dial side can be assembled and the watch is now ready for testing.

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