Rolex Ladies Datejust – Rolex 2135

A lovely ladies Rolex Datejust recently came in for service. It was in good condition but was just in need of a fairly standard overhaul.

The dial and hands are removed to expose the calendar mechanism.

Once the calendar disk is removed you are able to see the jumper spring and the winding and hand setting mechanisms.

The movement side with automatic work still installed.

The automatic block is removed to expose the gear train.

The barrel bridge is removed to expose the barrel and ratchet wheel. Unlike a Rolex gents movement and modern ladies caliber, the ratchet wheel of the 2135 is seated underneath the barrel bridge as opposed to on top and then screwed in place.

The gear train and barrel are removed. All that remains is the minute pinion in the center.

I then remove the components on the dial side.

The balance is put back on the movement to get it ready for the cleaning machine.

The mainspring is then removed from the barrel.

The movement the goes through the cleaning machine.

Once the watch comes out of the cleaning machine I can install the minute pinion and bridge.

I put a new mainspring in the barrel.

Barrel and gear train installed.

Barrel bridge and train wheel bridge installed.

Pallet fork and balance are put in place.

Winding and setting work installed.

Now the calendar parts.

Finally the dial and hands.

The watch is then cased.

The final satisfying result.

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